Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

There are many ways that a couple will look to for help in conceiving and sometimes standing back and evaluating their current lifestyle choices may be the simplest way before embarking on the assistance of medical intervention.  Some couples will choose complementary therapies such as reflexology to help through their fertility journey, either as a precursor to assisted conception or in conjunction with.


Reflexology can support couples on an emotional and physical level by relieving tension and help couples relax at such an emotive time in their life.


During fertility reflexology sessions, I will help you look at your past and current lifestyle, health issues and your diet.  I would recommend working with you and your partner during your plan for conception but would suggest that women commit to 6 months of sessions.  Ideally we would meet weekly for the first 6 weeks, then fortnightly and finally monthly (just before ovulation).


Maternity Reflexology


During your pregnancy you can continue to enjoy relaxing sessions to help you cope with the emotional and physical changes that your body will go through.  I will work with you during all trimesters depending on your current and previous health.


Please watch the AoR videos on my Blog page to find out more about reflexology during pregnancy.

Fertility Reflexology


During a couples journey to become parents, whether its their first baby or a desire to increase the size of their existing family, sometimes couples find it harder than they anticipated.


This can happen for many reasons and sometimes the reasons are not completely understood.  Quite often though, there are many causes of infertility, such as:


  • Stress

  • Nutrition

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption

  • Age

  • Under or overweight

  • Some existing health issues



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