History of Reflexology

Reflexology dates back to the Ancient Egyptians and is a popular complementary therapy used to help people cope better with their ailments and conditions.


Reflexology is the technique of applying light pressure onto the reflex points on the feet, hands and face to bring about a state of deep relaxation and to stimulate the body's own healing process.  The reflex points correspond to each organ and part of the body through a system of energy pathways.


How does Reflexology help?

During a reflexology session, imbalances in the reflex points will be detected and worked upon.  By working closely, your session will be tailored to your specific individual needs which may help to restore your body's natural equilibrium.


What benefits can be expected?

You can expect to feel an initial sense of calm and a release of tension straight after your reflexology session.  You may also experience improved sleep and an improved sense of well-being. 

Guidelines for safe working - COVID19

Each client will be contacted prior to their appointment and asked to complete an online risk assessment to determine they are free from Coronavirus symptoms - this should be done online here. Your therapist will be continually undertaking her own risk assessment. You should bring your own water bottle to your appointment. There will be at least a 15 minutes between each client to ensure the room has been cleaned in preparation for next client. If client arrives early they should wait in the garden or their car until advised safe to enter the treatment room. A face covering will be provided if client doesn't bring their own and the therapist will be wearing new PPE for each client. The client should wash hands on arrival and prior to leaving with hand sanitiser provided in the treatment room. All surfaces will be cleaned and towels and couch coverings will be refreshed in-between each client. No hand, face or ear treatments will be performed at this time. Payment is preferred to be made via card machine in treatment room or payments can be made online prior to the treatment.